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Welcome the Iranian customers to visit our company and give us good advice

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        Iranian customers delegation paid a three-day comprehensive visit to our company, and evaluated the products from commercial, technical and quality aspects. 

        After a brief introduction of both parties, the guests visited the factory and office area. The clean and orderly environment, good facilities and the fluent communication left a deep impression on them. The company General Manager Mr. Jiang and Deputy General Manager in charge of technology, Mr. Wen answered their questions and prepared relevant information for reference at any time. The guests also spoke highly of good communication and harmonious relations between employees and attitude towards actively providing information to assist and support their work. After three days’ visit, Iran clients not only gave a positive feedback, but also many constructive suggestions. 

        It is learned that the customer is the number one local mid-high voltage insulator buyer, whose import volume occupies 70% of the whole country’s total imports of mid-high voltage insulator, which makes a great influence on local industry. 

        Based on Iran's positive feedback, Good EP people will keep on working and create brilliant in the booming market!

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