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Two scientific technology award announced

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June 25, 2008 Tan Kah Kee Science Award and the seventh Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize award ceremony were held respectively at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fourteenth Academician assembly and Chinese Academy of Engineering, the ninth Academician assembly. The CPC Central Committee, State Councilor Liu Yandong attended the award ceremony, and awarded the scientists medals and certificates with the NPC Vice Chairman, CAS President Lu Yongxiang and Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Kuangdi.


        A total of three people received the 2008 Tan Kah Kee Science Award, respectively, Mathematical Science Prize for Shandong University Professor Peng Shige, Science Prize in Chemistry for China University of Technology Professor Hou Jianguo, the Earth Science Award for Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy researcher An Zhisheng.


        25 distinguished experts in China science and technology area won Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award. Among them, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians, "two bombs and one satellite" fathers Zhu Guangya won Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Achievement Award, the prize one million yuan. Railway Heavy Haul Transport expert Geng Zhixiu, power electronics and electric drive expert Li Chongjian, communications network technology specialists Wei Leping, computer application technology expert Xiao Jianguo, inorganic non-metallic materials experts Jiang Hong, coal chemical and metallurgical energy expert Wen Yanming, mining engineering expert Gu Desheng, clean coal technology expert Yue Guangxi, hydropower construction expert Tan Jingyi, industrial textile materials and composite materials specialist Sun Jinliang, environmental engineering specialist Sun Keqin, agricultural mechanization expert Gao Huanwen, preventive veterinary medicine expert Yu Kangzhen, the reconstructive surgery expert Zhang Disheng, high altitude medicine expert Wu Tianyi, management science and engineering expert Wang Yingluo etc., received the Engineering Award, 150,000 yuan each.

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