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Values: Integrity, dedication, responsibility, and cooperation

What is the value of life? What is the value of the enterprise? And what is the value of our employees?

We believe that enterprise should pay attention to integrity, employees must be dedicated and responsible for work, and the power of a team lies in collaboration.


Create green environmental-friendly components, ensure intelligent safety of switches, and promote the vigorous development of the world electrical industry!

Become the world's leading manufacturer of switch components
Become a world-class service provider in the electrical industry
Depending on the advanced equipment, top-ranking technology and powerful scientific research and professional team, Good EP electrical hopes to produce high quality epoxy resin insulator to establish the first-class brand of "GOOD EP" and become the market leader in Epoxy resin insulator. To be the best company in high voltage insulator field, not only in quality, but also in technology and service.

Objectives:To serve the global electric power industry
Good EP Electrical has proposed that we should take serving the society and global electric power industry as our mission. The development of enterprises cannot be separated from society and the progress of society also requires the support of enterprises, it is a kind of relationship that promotes each other.

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