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2013 Mid-autumn Festival

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The 2013 Mid-autumn Festival banquet was grandly held in Xiamen Airport Garden Hotel. Except for our company staff, the key customers and industry leaders were also invited. General manager Mr. Jiang gave an important speech and presented commemorative gifts to the new employees. Then came the Bobing activity and banquet. The activities began and ended in the lively and peaceful atmosphere.

  The party was started by a handsome man and a beautiful lady.

  General manager Mr. Jiang gave an important speech and festival blessing.

  To welcome the new employee, general manager Mr. Jiang prepared beautiful gifts prepared by company leader to them personally.

  The happy mood and smile on everyone’s face in the lively Bobing activity.

  The King of Kings received red wine from the chairman.

  A group photo to mark the occasion for company leaders and Zhuangyuan

  The chairman proposed a toast to the staff and expressed thanks to their hard-working for company development. 

  Clinking glasses between leaders and employees was a good blessing to the company development.

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